Q: How will you know about my business to create social media posts ?

We spend quality time getting to understand your business, the market and your brand. That way we can make expert recommendations that will ensure your campaign generates real results and a positive ROI.

Q: How long does it take for a social media campaign to generate results ?

You will see an immediate uplift in your profile, increased followers and engagements. This over time will lead to a much higher product and brand awareness leading to increased conversion. We recommend a minimum of 3 months as an initial pilot as many of the digital marketing algorithms take time to establish a trend.

Q: Can we also do Social Media posts ?

Of course - all our campaigns are jointly co-ordinated so you can also post and interact as we build your audience.

Q: How do I know my social media is being effective ?

We provide a weekly and a monthly report which clearly shows you how well your campaign is doing along with our recommendations for change or improvement. Data is at the heart of any successful digital marketing campaign and we are experts at analysing data and taking action.