2 IO Digital - FAQ's

IO Digital FAQ's

Q: Who are IO Digital ?

We are a UK based company established in 2016 and provide fully outsourced digital marketing services to businesses with a limited budget.

We provide bespoke live agent web chat, website design, build and implementation and all the digital marketing expertise needed to ensure potential customers get to see your website and when they do they stay and engage.

We like to think of our services as the complete one-stop solution for any business who wants to win new business from their website. Which is why we use the tagline is "Digi-In-A-Box".

Q: How much does the web chat software cost?

The most powerful digital marketing solution - live agent web chat - is totally FREE for the software for you to use and and less than £5 per day for us to handle all your website visitor chat 365 days a year.

Q: Who handles our chats ?

For the outsourced DigiChat+ service we have a highly trained team of lead generation and customer service experts based in the IO Digital service centre. Our agents are all of graduate-level education and are coached in the nuances of browsing behaviours allowing them to effectively deal with visitors to our clients websites across a range of global industries, organisations and services.

Q: If you handle my chat how will you know about my business?

As our fully outsourced DigiChat+ is essentially a reception and lead generation service we don’t need to know your business in detail. As part of the set-up process we ask you to provide some background details and typical FAQs this, coupled with the information on your website will be used when chatting with your visitors.

Q: How do we know it will work for our organisation?

The short answer is, if you can gain commercial advantage from having a qualified agent greeting, capturing prospect information and validating enquiries from all your website visitors then the answer is YES IT WILL. In fact we are so confident that our DigiChat software and DigiChat+ service will work for your website we don't require a contractual commitment to our service. In the unlikely event that it's not the right service for your business, you can end the agreement at any time and simply remove the DigiChat code from your site.

Q: How do we add the DigiChat widget to our website ?

Adding our DigiChat software service to your site is very easy. Simply complete the on-line FREE TRIAL form and we will send you some code which you need to add to your website which will then automatically connect to our agents.

If you need help with this our tech team will assist you with this task that usually takes less than a minute.

Q: Can we do our own chat?

Of course, that's why we offer the DigiChat software for FREE. Download it and start chatting with your website visitors in minutes. However, in order to make web chat an effective sales and service solution it has to be available at all times, which to most organisations is not cost-effective. Even if you have the time to handle chat when you are at your desk what about availability to cover breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours. Our DigiChat+ service can do this for you at a fraction of the cost by using dedicated agents to maximise the effectiveness of every engagement. So, do it yourself when you can and let us do it when you can't - simple !