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Whether you call it as better customer service or you call it as a means to quench the customer’s need to talk while navigating online, live chat support service has given an edge to the standard definition of integration and functionality. A sudden pop-up message that says, “This is Peter, your customer service executive. How may I help you?” gives a personalized angle the moment the customer lands on the page and this personalization has the power to turn the tables and crack the deal. Live chat support service not just makes the interaction sound more meaningful, but also brings in oodles of ease to the customer who otherwise might get lost while browsing through the multiple web pages.

What do you understand about live chat support software?

Live chat support software allows for real-time conversations with the support teams over the internet. Live chat support service has become one of the preferred tools by business houses because the number of people shopping online has increased tremendously and in an environment that is considered to be monotonous, if a personalized message pops up, the customers are bound to feel connected and satisfied. Connecting to a live agent while you are hopping between multiple sites can help in making your choice easy and bring quick answers to the queries boiling in your mind.

What types of services Digichat provides through live chat support?

Customer service and engagement for better conversions is the prime focus of any live chat support service and Digichat provides impactful and budgeted marketing solutions for enhanced results. The different kinds of services provided by Digichat through live chat support are:
Customer service:This aspect is undoubtedly the heart and soul of any live chat support software and Digichat is no exception to this golden rule. Providing bespoke customer service to the clients by putting them in contact with live agents shows the gravity of your business acumen and how much you value your clients.

Social media engagement: If you operate in a space outside the scope of social media, then you are probably operating in a vacuum and sooner or later you will perish. To capitalize on the numerous advantages of social media for your business, you need to understand the customer behaviour while he/she is on social media and how this can be brought to your advantage. Positive social media engagement will not just help in better understanding but shall develop an instant connection with the client while he/she is on a specific social media app.

Product and service awareness: You might be offering outstanding products and services to your clients, but all of this is in vain if your clients don’t know what exactly you have in store for them. Explaining explicitly over messages will not just bring the two of you on a common platform but will also make the choice easy. This is similar to what happens in a brick and mortar store, where the sales representative explains the different products and then after gauging your preferences throws the limelight on those that match your needs.

Branding: If you want to grow your brand, then you cannot undermine the role of live chat support software in the process. Whether it is enhancing the customer experience or generating leads, Digichat is an effective tool in gauging the reactions of the people when they are online and making considerable changes in the branding strategies for better results.

Website design and optimization: Until and unless your website is put through a floor test, you will never come to know about the grass-root problems and what should be done to enhance the customer experience. Digichat provides immediate solutions to fix such issues so that the website design is user friendly and alleviates the navigation experience.

How is it fully customized and simple to use

How much time does it take to type “I am doing good. Wanted to check the latest wardrobe designs available at the store?” Hardly fractions of seconds and the results you get will help in making your choice easy and will make you one of the dependable customers. The ease of using live chat support service has made it one of the most sought after tools by business houses that are either completely online or have both online and offline space to operate in. Customizing live chat support software is in your hands. You want to show the pictures or videos while chatting with the client, you can go ahead and incorporate these and enhance the user experience. Making minor changes can go a long way in garnering long term relationships with the clients.

Why is Digichat different from other live chat support software?

Information security: What you send via chat on Digichat remains confidential and thus there is no breach of security and vital information.

Cost-effective: By opting for Digichat you can reap the benefits of cost-effectiveness which can help you in achieving efficiency.

24*7-365 day support: No matter where you are and in which time zone you are operating, live agents will be there to assist you with your problems.

Experienced chat support service executives: Courtesy in conversation is the first thing that can draw the attention of the customers and in live chats; the executives are trained for the job to hit the bull’s eye. Digichat aims at capitalizing on the versatility of such experienced executives for maximum benefit for the business.

Multilingual chat support: With Digichat you will never face any language barriers. The customer service executives chosen for live chat are trained for multiple languages so that they can address different categories of problems.

Secure and reliable services: Digichat aims at providing secured and reliable services for the benefit of the clients. This builds trust and fosters long term relations.

Real-time website monitoring and traffic analysis: So you have software in place and you think that the game is going on well. But when you see the reports, the sight is completely different. The reason is that your analysis was never done efficiently and thus you have been left to bear the aftermath. With Digichat such challenges can be avoided because real-time website monitoring and traffic analysis help in finding out the weak points so that efforts can be targeted on what needs to be achieved.

A branded chat widget for your website: Customers today are vigilant and keep an eagle’s eye on what the website shows. Digichat on your website is a recognized brand with which the customers can easily relate and shall develop a positive opinion about you.

Advantages of any live chat support software in your website or app

Some of the key advantages of live chat support software on your website are:

Gives you an edge in the competitive environment: If you have live chat support software and your competitor doesn’t, then you stand at a gaining end and what more can a business demand in the dynamic environment.

Customer engagement: The biggest advantage of live chat support software is the positive customer engagement which lays the foundation for better business in the market.

Round the clock support: By being readily available at all hours through live chat support software, the business house can make the clients feel connected and informed.

Minimizes repetition for the customers: Explaining the issues time and again is a cumbersome process! It not just irritates the customer but also shows negligence on the part of the executives. Through live chat support software, such issues are easily handled because all the information is written in the chat and thus the need for beginning from scratch can be avoided. This leads to fruitful customer engagement and responses.

Enhances customer acquisition: If you can build trust about your brand in the eyes of the customers, you have the power to rule the market and through live chat support software your target can be achieved without much ado! This will tread the path for more customers and better productivity.


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Live chat support UK can help your business reach new heights and serves as the platform for a long-lasting relationship with the customers. Get going with the live chat support service and see the difference it brings.

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